Cheapest Braces For Your Child

The Bad News РYour Child Needs Braces 

So you take your child for their 6-month dental check up and you meet with the dentist expecting to hear the typical speech about flossing and brushing but instead the dentist tells you it’s time for your child to get braces.

You hear braces and you can only think about the high cost — “I don’t have thousands of extra dollars in my budget to pay for braces … I don’t even have dental insurance” but the the dentist is starring at you asking when to schedule the appointment with his favorite orthodontist.

Braces Cost How Much?
So you get online that night to research the cost of braces and find out that the average is $5,000 dollars.

After the shock wears off you try to find a good dental insurance plan for braces. You find out that most insurance plans require that you wait 3 months after you join (while paying high premiums) before you’re eligible to have them pay only 20 percent and then you get stuck paying 80 percent plus high premiums and co-pays.

After hours of searching and talking to everyone you know, you come to the conclusion that you can’t afford braces if you have to pay $5,000 for braces.

Get a Low Cost Dental Plan for Braces – It’s Not Costly Dental Insurance
The Careington Discount Dental Plan is simple and easy to use. It’s a low cost discount plan so you know exactly what you will pay for procedures. Unlike dental insurance, you don’t have confusing schedules, paperwork, deductibles, co-pays and limits. You can join at

Know the Cost Up Front
The Careington Discount Dental Plan is one of the very few plans that lists their discounts for dental procedures so you know upfront the cost before you go to the dentist. In less than five minutes you can review how many dentists are in your area and see their price schedule for your zip code and sign up. As soon as you receive your email confirmation, you’ll get your ID number.

You can then start using your plan immediately … simply use their provider search feature to find a dentist, give them your ID number and schedule your appointment … and, most importantly, know before you sit in the chair what it will cost you –¬† it really is that easy!

Use Instantly & As Much as You Want
As soon as you join online, you’re eligible to use Careington’s discounted rates. Most dental insurance plans, require you to wait 6 to 24 months before you are eligible for their orthodontic benefits. We compared Careington Discount Plan with insurance plans like Aetna, Met Life, Delta or Blue Cross Blue Shield you get better overall savings with Careington Dental Plan for braces. Learn more here – Careington Dental Plan

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